Exciting Times Ahead Following Scottish Parliament General Election 2011

As you may have seen, Scotland has just held a general election.
The SNP won the election with 69 seats out of 129.
With 9 seats more than the combined opposition parties, the SNP have formed the first majority government since devolution.
Labour have 37, the Conservatives 15, Liberal Democrats 5, the Greens 2 and one independent (Margo MacDonald).

We are delighted that 6 SNP MSPs made the Signature pledge on accessible public services for all deaf people in Scotland.
Each of them will be key members of their party over the next 5 years.
We are particularly keen to work with the Scottish Government and the wider Parliament to make the pledge a reality.

Nicola Sturgeon is deputy first minister and likely to hold a senior cabinet position.
Linda Fabiani and Stewart Maxwell were ministers in the last government. Jamie Hepburn and Dave Thompson were first elected in 2007 and Humza Yousaf is newly elected.

We thank them for their support and look forward to working with them over the next 5 years, either as MSPs or as ministers.

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