Deaffest 2022 Film & TV Awards: Winners Announced

Last weekend marked the 14th Deaffest, the UK’s leading Deaf-led Film and Arts Festival! This year’s nominated films are all available to be watched for free through the Deaffest Online Cinema, which you can access through their website until the 14th May.

If you are unfamiliar with the event, it is a 3-day festival which is held in Wolverhampton and showcases Deaf films and art from around the world.

Find out more about the event here: Deaffest 2022

The winners of the Deaffest 2022 Film & TV Awards include:

Deaffest award
Award for Best Film being presented for Here/Not Here. Picture from @Deaffest on Twitter
Best Film: Here/Not Here

Designed to be performed as a theatre production as well as film, this genre-defying film creates a completely unique style for its communication. By combining BSL with hip hop music, dance, and sport, the director Bim Ajadi attempts to create a film that appeals to both the Deaf and the hearing without any interpretation.

Best UK Short Film: Louder Is Not Always Clearer

Another adaptation of a theatre production, this short film is the artist Jonny Cotsen’s expression of his own life story, and the struggles with isolation of an extraverted Deaf person.

Best Documentary: Summer in Lockdown

This BSLZone documentary showcases the Deaf community and their varied experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic, specifically the lockdown of Summer 2020.

Best Director: Aimee Campbell-Nottage

For Magic Hands: Black History

Best Actress: Natasha ‘Raffie’ Julien

For Lost, Taken, Murdered

Best Actor: Jonny Cotsen

For Louder is Not Always Clearer

Best TV Programme: This is Deaf

For the episode LGBTQIA+ Life

Best Artistic Short Film: Magic Hands: Black History

Directed by Aimee Campbell-Nottage

Best Screenwriter: Natasha Ofili

For The Mutli

Best Presenter: Nadeem Islam

For BBC See Hear on Tour

For the full list of nominations, check out the official Deaffest website.

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