Deafblind Communicator-Guide Support Worker course to be held in Durham

We look forward to welcoming Deafblind Enablement to the Signature Head Office in Durham where they will be running a Deafblind Communicator-Guide Support Worker 5-day course, starting on 2 October.


This nationally recognised certificated course is specifically designed to meet the needs of support workers and professionals working with deafblind people. The learning outcomes are:


Definition and groups of deafblind people

Effects including emotional, physical and mental well-being

Communication methods: including Deafblind manual, ‘Block’ alphabet, lip-reading, clear speech, facial expressions, gestures, BSL finger-spelling and good practice techniques

Access to information

Safe guiding (internal and external activities), environmental information and impact on movement, orientation and mobility

Simulation exercises

Specific equipment available

Legislation and Services


For more information contact Deafblind Enablement,


Telephone 01733 746538



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