Cross Deaf Sector Campaign aims to keep communication and language support on the political radar

Sir Malcolm Bruce’s private members bill on Communication Support (Deafness) is due to receive its second reading today.

Whilst the position of the bill on the ballot list and the timing of the debate limits its chances, its success does not begin and end with making it into the statute book.

Signature and a range of other deaf sector organisations are supporting the bill with a campaign that underpins its core objectives.

This joint campaign aims to increase the quantity and quality of communication and language support for deaf people.

The second reading of the bill follows a positive meeting with Mike Penning, Minister for Disabled People, earlier in the week, where he expressed support for the key aims of the private members bill.

We are organising a meeting with our deaf sector colleagues to discuss the next steps of the campaign and how they can work with Mike Penning to move things forward.

Watch this space for further updates.

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