Communication Professionals for Deaf People Now Free to find

Press Release: Finding a Sign Language Interpreter, or speech-to-text-reporter to assist in providing services to deaf people will be easier and free in 2009.

The National Registers of Communication Professionals working with Deaf and Deafblind People (NRCPD) will offer a new fully-searchable, free to access database of contact details for registered professionals from 1 April 2009. Until then the current online directory of professionals, which until now organisations have paid subscriptions to access, will be free.

Free public access to the online directory will be available at from 5 Jan 2009.

Craig Crowley, of the NRCPD Registration Board, said “I’m delighted that such a useful service has emerged from the independent review of registration services. Easy access to information about Sign Language interpreters, speech-to-text-reporters, lipspeakers and notetakers is vitally important if service providers are to meet their duties to provide access for deaf and deafblind people. This service will be a valuable tool for hospitals, banks, doctors, universities, police and other service providers, from now on they will be able to find easily the communication professionals they need to provide an accessible service to deaf people.”

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