Celebrating 40 years of Signature – Focus on deafscotland

We continue our focus on our founding members, this time looking at deafscotland.

Known for being the lead organisation for deaf issues in Scotland, deafscotland (Formerly Scottish Council on Deafness) is made up of members from across the country. Much of their work involves organising events, conferences and National Council meetings.

deafscotland state that their vision is for 'A society where deaf people have equal access, rights and citizenship.'

Signature continues to have a strong relationship with deafscotland, and we often work on joint projects, while supporting one another at conferences and events. As one of the organisations who helped to found CACDP, we got in touch with deafscotland to gain some insight into their involvement with this.

Janis McDonald, Chief Officer said deafscotland is proud and privileged to be one of the founding members of CACDP recognising early one the need for good quality, accessible and sustainable training on communication and language. This enables inclusion and integration of those affected by deafness in parity with hearing peers. CACDP, now Signature, has expanded and blossomed from those early days becoming a national force and the go-to organisation for quality, training and development. It is also known for bringing about a voluntary National Register for communication and language support professionals. The register is now a separate organisation. 

deafscotland remains committed to standards of practice, accessibility and equality as unfortunately those affected by deafness have yet to achieve equality however their lives benefit from the awareness and training work of Signature and its delivery partners. Signature offers reassurance, expertise and underpins quality. 

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