Sign Language Centre

What is a Sign Language Centre?

British Sign Language/Irish Sign Language courses are in demand by learners of all ages – Sign Language Centres can offer Signature qualifications from Level 1 to Level 6.

Becoming a Signature approved centre enables you to make a difference through promoting and teaching deaf communication skills, while generating income.

As part of our ongoing commitment to our centres and learners, we continuously work with our regulator to ensure our centre approval process is the best it can be. We are proud of the challenges our qualifications provide, and we constantly exceed what is expected from us to always be fair and consistent.

Average salary (per year)


Typical hours (a week)

16 - 30 (term time)

You could work



You must read and understand the roles and responsibilities document which gives details of the staff and resources you need to have to deliver our qualifications.

You must also read the terms and conditions of centre approval and qualification specifications and regulations for the qualifications you would like to offer. This is to ensure you are able to deliver the qualifications you are approved for.

When you are ready to apply our website will guide you through the steps of the process: