BSL201 Stories Wanted

We are looking for people to write or sign 30 new stories for the BSL201 assessments. We need 30 stories and will pay £50 for each story we use.

Each story must meet the BSL201 story criteria below:

  • The story can be written or signed in BSL.
  • The story must be based on topics in BSL2 specification – Theme 1.
  • The story must use vocabulary from topics in Theme 1 of the BSL2 specification.
  • The story must not introduce vocabulary above Level 2.
  • The story must include BSL structures used at Level 2.
  • The story must include two words that require fingerspelling.
  • The story should be approximately 300 words (about 20 lines of text).
  • We need stories that can be presented in four parts (about five lines per part).
  • After each part of the story is presented, we ask some multiple choice questions about that part. It would help us if you can suggest some questions.


Please find two example stories below.

Sample story one

Sample story two

You can download a copy of the specification by clicking here.


Please post or email your stories to Jacqueline Swinbourne, BSL/ISL Subject Officer, by 31 May 2011.

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