Big Society, Big Opportunities?

UK Council on DeafnessThe UK Council on Deafness is organising a conference aimed at improving understanding of ‘Big Society’ and explore the sector’s role in ensuring deaf people can fully contribute to, and benefit from, ‘Big Society’.

Venue: The Resource Centre, 356 Holloway Road, London, N7 6PA

Date: Tuesday 21 June 2011

Time: 09:30am Registration, 10.00am – 16:15pm Conference

The day will be made up of the following four sessions:

  • Session one – an opportunity for the Government to share its ‘Big Society’ vision, its three key parts and to present ‘Big Society’ programmes and initiatives
  • Session two – responses from the voluntary sector at national and local levels
  • Session three – this session will focus on three main issues:
    • Is ‘Big Society’ big on equality? How can we make sure deaf people can participate fully in ‘Big Society’?
    • Funding and Resourcing. How do we find / resource our ‘Big Society’ ideas / projects?
    • Public Sector Service Deliver. Where are the opportunities and exactly how do we get involved?
  • Session four – this session will seek to identify and co-ordinate the steps needed, by the sector, to ensure deaf people can fully contribute to, and benefit from ‘Big Society’

For more information about this conference please visit or contact Clare Long at

This conference is essential if you want to explore and contribute to how ‘Big Society’ could improve the lives of deaf people.

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