BDA – BSL Act Now! Campaign Update

A Campaign Update from the BDA on the BSL Act Now! Campaign So far, 356 MPs have received a BSL Bill email letter from local Deaf and BSL supporters. We’ve reached 54% of the total number of 650 MPs. We still need to find more local Deaf and BSL supporters to contact another 294 MPs who haven’t received BSL Bill email letters!

On the BDA website, there is a video of Ann Jillings with her Deaf son Daniel Jillings explaining why they want to support a BSL Act.

Please do share this message in the hope that we get more of a response from others. If you haven’t written an email letter to your local MP, please email with your home postcode and then we will send a draft email letter for you to send directly to your local MP.

We’ve been told that there will be a Private Member’s Bill Ballot held on the 18th and 19th May – this will be drawn like a ‘lottery’ or ‘raffle ticket’ process whereby top 10 MP’s names will be selected. Therefore, we need to make all our MPs aware of the importance of a BSL Bill as much as we can. We hope that numerous MPs will agree to support this, so that there is a higher chance of us being successful in getting a BSL Bill once their names are drawn out of the Ballot, who knows!

Please tell your friends who like BSL to also write to their MPs! More details can be found via or email us at

There are 294 parliamentary constituencies in total – do you know any friends living in any of the below constituencies? If so, tell them to get involved. Thank you.

Read the article and see the video on the BDA website.

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