Rebecca Withey

Rebecca Withey is a Deaf actress, writer, consultant, mindfulness practitioner and BSL user, who has featured on the likes of BSL Zone. She actively works to promote and ensure that there is equal accessibility, in particular, the arts, media and holistic health field. Website / Facebook / Twitter

A Christmas memory and the dinner table syndrome

20th Dec 2022

Flashback.   It’s the early 1990s and I’m at a get together with distant relatives on Christmas Eve. Everyone’s mid conversation but all I can think about is how watery the cauliflower is on my plate. I push it around and wonder to myself how long it’s been boiled for.   I’m wearing a velour …

Looking after our mental wellbeing this winter…

29th Nov 2022

I am currently working on a project that involves me learning a lot more about the intricacies of mental health. I am discovering that mental illnesses are occurring in the deaf community at a much higher rate compared to our hearing counterparts, yet a stigma around mental health in general still remains. I want to …

My Hearing Aids and I

27th Oct 2022

My Hearing Aids and I  My hearing aids and I have a funny old relationship. I love them and I’m grateful I have them, but boy has it taken me a long time to really accept them. For those of you who don’t wear hearing aids, let me firstly just say that hearing aids are …

Accessible Yoga – at last!

18th Oct 2022

Earlier this month I embarked on my first ever online BSL yoga class. I had been feeling restless in my body after a busy summer and I felt the call to get back on the yoga mat. Bearing in mind that I hadn’t really practised the yoga asanas formally for quite a few years, I …

Rebecca A Withey: British Sign Language – why it isn’t “one size fits all”

12th Sep 2022

A friend of mine was at a gathering with deaf friends using BSL when a deaf person who she had never met before suddenly stopped her mid-sentence. “Where are you from?” The newcomer demanded to know. “London,” my friend replied, baffled at the sudden question.  The stranger went on to scold her, “you just used …

Rebecca A Withey: Why I sign songs – my journey

25th Aug 2022

If someone told my ten-year-old self that I would grow up to perform sign songs and teach them, I would probably have laughed in disbelief. “Sign song, what’s that?” I would ask. Despite being able to converse in BSL from a young age – due to my exposure to deaf youth clubs and the like …

My Deaf Story: Rebecca Withey

03rd May 2022

I recently hosted a birthday party for my son. He had invited 9 of his friends to a local sports centre for a laser tag and dodgeball afternoon, and I had the task of ensuring everything ran smoothly throughout. I liaised with the sports centre staff, lipread them and used gestures to clarify certain things. …


30th Apr 2021

Despite going to a mainstream secondary school with a deaf unit, nobody there once asked me or told me about the idea of a ‘deaf identity.’ It’s only now when I’m questioned on how I identify, I can pinpoint exactly how I feel and be proud of all the different parts that make up me.

One year on- a year of exclusion!

30th Apr 2021

I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling like the last 12 months have been extremely stressful. A year ago we were in the first month of a national lockdown and I was naively hopeful that things would ‘all be better by the summer.’ Ha, if only I knew! 

Why I Sign

30th Apr 2021

Last month it was Sign Language Awareness Week, as organised by the British Deaf Association. During this particular week I shared tips and images of signs on my personal Facebook page, spreading awareness of my love for sign language and encouraging my contacts to give signing a go if they hadn’t already had the chance.