Louise Goldsmith

Louise Deaf Awareness is a profoundly deaf, award-winning Deaf advocate and blogger. She is an outreach officer for Deafblind UK and columnist for NDCS UK. Louise currently writes for her personal blog as well as collaborative pieces on Deaf related topics and Mental Health.

Concentration Fatigue

26th May 2021

Concentration fatigue is experienced by many deaf and hard of hearing individuals in the deaf community. This simply means that we are using more of our cognitive resources when we are lip-reading, listening to others, and following conversations in sign language. Deaf and hard of hearing people must pay more attention and concentrate harder, in comparison to individuals who are hearing.

The Misconceptions Of Deafness

03rd May 2021

There are many different misconceptions and myths surrounding hearing loss/deafness. Many abled people, are quick to make assumptions regarding deafness, because it is considered an ‘invisible disability’. In the past, deafness as a disability has been considered a ‘taboo’ subject, and has only recently been spoken about more widely, thanks to social media, which has …