Joanne Woodhouse Roberts

The big wide world

22nd Jun 2021

You may have read “Who am I?”, looking back at my school days which have a mixture of happy memories, as well as some unhappy ones, and dealing with all those difficult emotions as a deaf teenager in a hearing environment. This article is focusing on my path through Further Education and my views on …

Who am I?

25th May 2021

My name is Joanne,  you may know me as the person who wrote the song ‘Give Us the Sign’  written to support the campaign #Where is the interpreter.  I created a choir in 2020 which had a wonderful mix of people with a vast range of age differences, signing ability and a mix of d/Deaf and hearing people.  We created a video which can be viewed on YouTube signing along to Liv Austen singing the lyrics  ‘Give Us The Sign’.  Have a look and see what you think?