Emily Sharpe

I’m sorry, I can’t hear you. I just have to put my glasses on.

14th Sep 2022

Hi, I am Jane, I’m 56, and I’m at the height of my career, having been a Director for a local company and now running my own business….and I wear a hearing aid.  I want to tell you what it feels like to have a hearing aid from my point of view.  And I hope …

Making small changes really counts

09th Sep 2022

I was out with my family recently at a well-known fast-food chain drive through, waiting to order our lunch. It struck me that this very easy, convenient and fast way of ordering food for us would be an impossibility for a Deaf person or family. Let me explain…We were able to order our food verbally …

Always good to check

30th Aug 2022

The other week, when returning to teach at one of my client’s, I discovered a pair of old, well- loved, but worn, shoes I was wearing, had come to the end of their wearable life.   Rather embarrassingly, the said shoes gave up the will to function in the middle of class whilst teaching the BSL …