Daniel Jillings

Daniel Jillings is a Deaf campaigner and BSL user, who has recently been in the media for his participation in the campaign for the introduction of a British Sign Language GCSE. After learning that when the time came to complete his GCSE’s he would not be able to complete one in BSL, his first language, Daniel decided to take legal action. Since then, Daniel has worked tirelessly to fight for equal accessibility and the rights of thousands of Deaf children in the UK.

Why the BSL GCSE consultation is so significant?

28th Jun 2023

From the time that I heard that Signature had piloted a GCSE in British Sign Language, I realised that a qualification like this would be a huge benefit for Deaf children like me and the wider Deaf community. When the government refused to develop this further, I wanted to get behind the National Deaf Children’s …

Face masks – a (very) sensitive issue

30th Apr 2021

When schools reopened on March 8th, students had mixed feelings after so long at home. I had become used to staying home; I enjoyed my calm routine and the company of my Hearing Dog, Varley.