Assessment regulations review

Every year, Signature reviews our assessment regulations for all qualifications. This is to make sure that they are clear and can be followed by all of our centres.

We have made the following improvements to our regulations so please ensure that you are aware of these prior to assessments taking place. Please read these in conjunction with the appropriate assessment regulations for 2014-15 located on our website

Candidate Registration

We have reduced the notice period for submission of assessments for unit 102, 103, 202 and 203 from 14 days to 7 days, to allow you more time to organise your assessments and decide which candidates are going to assessed. This means that candidates can be registered just 7 days prior to the assessment date.

Changes to assessment arrangements

Due to the additional time you now have to organise your assessment we will no longer accept any changes to assessments once they are submitted, e.g changing the date of the assessment or adding candidates to an assessment.

If for any reason a candidate registered on the submitted assessment can not attend on the date of the assessment, the centre must not permit the candidate to take the assessment on any other date. The centre must mark the candidate as not assessed. If the centre does allow the candidate to complete the assessment on any other date, other than the agreed assessment date, it will be marked as not assessed by Signature.

Assessment arrangements

Assessment Topics for BSL and ISL102 and 103 assessments will be issued via ‘My Signature’ 5 days prior to the assessment date.

Carrying out the assessment

Please ensure the assessment is only completed once. No editing of the assessment is permitted. No additional recordings can be made after the original assessment.

Under Special Considerations/Emergency section, we have detailed the procedure to follow if the candidates assessment is interrupted. If the candidate re-starts their assessment from the beginning, this will be marked as not assessed.

Assessment Papers and Assessment DVDs provided by Signature to carry out assessments must not be copied.

Assessment of Candidates

The teacher and candidate must both be viewable in the viewing frame of the camera and all BSL features fully visible. Candidates will be marked as not assessed if the teacher and candidates are not in the viewing frame and their BSL feature not fully visible.

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