Assessment Process improvements

We are improving the way we process assessments in response to feedback we received at our stakeholder focus groups. Centres asked us to consider modifying the process so completed assessments are sent direct to assessors. That would reduce the number of post journeys and the associated possibility of delays to results.

We are grateful for the feedback we received and are pleased to announce that from 16 March 2009, those modifications to the process will come into effect for BSL and ISL units 102,103, 202 and 203.

From that date we will include with your pre-assessment topics an envelope addressed to a Signature Assessor. The sealed envelope contains information the assessor needs to mark the assessment. We ask you to leave the sealed envelope unopened. Once the assessment is completed post the envelope with two copies of the Application for Achievement Form and the tape or DVD for the assessment.

I’ve included a flowchart below as a visual representation of the modified process.

PDF download Assessment Process Flow Chart

Please treat the assessor’s address as personal information in accordance with the Data Protection Act (1998). Please do not retain the assessor’s address or use it for any other purpose other than to send assessment material to the assessor.

Instructions will be issued with each assessment and the Centre Portal will guide you through the new process.

When you have completed the AAF on the centre portal. you will see a new option, Send to Assessor. Click this to access another screen Send Media to Assessor. Click on Form to send to assessor and open the PDF document, press print and two copies of the AAF will print out for you to include with your package to the assessor. Close the PDF document and complete the date field to show the date that you post the package to the assessor.

For those assessments that still need to be sent direct to Signature we will send you a reply envelope addressed to us.

For internally assessed units like BSL101 and T101 you need to complete the AAF on-line only, you do not need to post any information to Signature or our assessors.

If you have any queries about the new process, please contact your Customer Support Officer.

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