Aim for that Glitter Ball Rose and Giovanni!

I cannot miss the opportunity to mention the recent increase in Deaf people on our TV screens, seeing the number of Deaf actors/editors/reporters and campaigners on national television is just mind blowing!

Julian Peedle-Calloo (See Hear), Charlie Swinbourne and Liam O’Dell (Limping Chicken) doing their individual pieces on the BBC News is refreshing and enlightening, not forgetting Katie Rowley’s clip on taking legal action over the lack of BSL interpreters during the COVID briefings.

Not only is the BBC News becoming more inclusive and incorporating Deaf issues in their bulletins, but Deaf actors such as Sophie Stone, Gabriella Leon, and Rhiannon Jones have starred in programmes such as Casualty, Doctor Who and Silent Witness. Of course we must not forget Rose Ayling-Ellis in Eastenders and Strictly Come Dancing!

I cannot remember a time when the Deaf Community have been able to tune into the TV and see such a vast range of Deaf talent and role models. Deaf children have some amazing role models to admire and take inspiration from, which we all know is so important.

Along with millions of others in the Deaf Community and the world, I sit down every Saturday/Sunday evening to watch Rose Ayling-Ellis and Giovanni Pernice’s performance on Strictly.

I am pleased to say Rose and Giovanni get all my three votes!

Whilst watching the first programme with Rose and Giovanni, seeing the hearing dancers, celebrities, presenters and judges try and add a few signs to their comments as well as observing the audience applauding the deaf way, put a huge lump in my throat and brought tears to my eyes. To this day, I’m unable to express the emotions I felt at that time. I guess, never did I think we would view such a significant act on national television in my lifetime.  I hope this is just the beginning of good things to come.

As a result of watching Rose and Giovanni, I follow them on social media and read articles from the Daily Mail for instance.

I enjoy reading the reports and comments from the public, praising and encouraging Rose, who are amazed and equally impressed a young Deaf woman can dance in such a phenomenal way whilst being unable to hear the music, and score a fabulous 40!

Equally praise goes to Giovanni for being a kind considerate man, who incorporates Rose’s Deafness and language into his dance choreography and seems so accepting and supportive of Rose. His positive attitude is just phenomenal!

I can see how easy it is to get drawn into their act as their choreography captures our hearts; their creativity including 15 seconds of silence is not only incredibly powerful but also hugely emotional.

I am sure many of you will join me in wishing Rose and Giovanni the very best of luck – you are both a true inspiration, believe in yourself, aim for that ‘glitter ball’ and whatever happens, we are behind you all the way! I for one, am SO proud!

And most importantly of all to Signature readers – keep voting!

Joanne Woodhouse-Roberts.

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