A Chance to Improve Services for Deaf Children

The Department for Education

A government contract provides a golden opportunity to improve Deaf children’s access to communication.

The Department for Education recently issued a tender for a two year contract to provide services for sensory impaired children. Successful bidders have been asked to show that they are able to work with children with all types of sensory impairment. The tender includes a special requirement to demonstrate skills in British Sign Language (BSL), ensuring that Deaf children and BSL are a key element of the government’s services for sensory impaired children.

The National Sensory Impairment Partnership (NaTSIP) is the leading bidder for the contract. Signature, the British Deaf Association, DEX and the Sign Bilingual Consortium have formed a BSL Coalition to support them in their bid.

Our very own Chief Executive, Jim Edwards, is currently chairing the coalition, which combines the expertise of organisations across the deaf sector. All members of the BSL coalition are committed to providing ongoing support and guidance if the bid is successful.

Jim said, “Signature is passionate about improving Deaf children’s access to communication and very optimistic about the bid’s chances of success.”

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