Signature information regarding Covid-19

At this unsettling time, we have compiled a list of FAQ’s that we think may be of interest to our centres, learners, assessors and supporters. We hope that this will provide you with answers to the questions that you want to know.

We will continue to update this page on a regular basis. Do you have a question that we haven't answered? Contact your customer support office or email and we will get this answered and added for you.


Signature remain fully operational. Our staff are back in the office working as normal, our working hours are 9:30am until 4pm. Please consider that it may take us slightly longer than normal to reply but we will be continuing as normal.

Unlike the previous lockdown in March the government have allowed schools, colleges and universities to remain open. As we class our centres who provide regulated qualifications, equal establishments we will continue support centres, learners and assessors throughout this second nationwide lockdown.

Yes, we are back in the office and calls are being answered as normal.

We have also introduced InterpretersLive to allow you to call with an interpreter at any time during our opening hours. Find out more here

Yes, our centres are now able to book and carry out online assessments for Level 1, 2 and 3 in BSL. If you are interested in offering online assessments please get in touch with your customer support officer who will be able to provide further support.

Yes, you can move any future exam dates free of charge. However, we can’t remove candidates without sufficient medical evidence.

You will be able to renew qualifications as and when you need to. If your centre is closed, you can wait to renew when your centre is open again. Signature have extended all centre approvals for an extra 3 months approval at no charge. Read more...


Signature has created BSLHomework an online library of video clips and support materials to help you understand the assessments, develop your vocabulary and linguistics skills, and practice your receptive BSL skills from wherever you are.

Developed by BSL teachers and experts with Signature students in mind, BSLHomework is the perfect training resource for anyone studying British Sign Language Levels 1-3

Yes, Signature are supporting all of our centres to offer online assessments. Please contact your centre in the first instance to discuss online assessments.

We advise you to get in touch with your centre in the first instance.

Assessment results are being processed as normal, these will be sent to your centre within the agreed timescale. Qualification certificates are also being printed and sent on a regular basis.


Although we expect a decrease in the amount of assessments taking place, we are aware that centres are still opening and plan on running exams. We will continue to function as normal as long as centres remain open.

We will pay assessors as normal, based upon work completed.