Year: 2023

Deaf-initely Women

27th Dec 2023

Deaf-initely Women: Together, we are stronger:   Signature recently reached out to Deaf-initely Women, an organisation that brings deaf, hard of hearing and deafblind women together. Deaf-initely Women serves all deaf and hard of hearing women in Derby, Derbyshire, Nottingham, and Nottinghamshire and beyond. Here at Signature, we believe it is really important that those …

Christmas, a time check in with your loved ones

24th Dec 2023

Christmas, a time of joy for most, but unfortunately not for everyone. As you are surrounded by love from your friends and family, take time to think about those who are lonely this Christmas. Christmas can sometimes be a harsh reminder of those who we have lost in previous years. Simply reaching out to a …

LBC Interview with our Executive Director Lindsay Foster

22nd Dec 2023

After yesterday’s announcement regarding the GCSE subject content being released by Department For Education our Executive Director Lindsay Foster was interviewed by LBC. Please find the captioned audio recording below.

How to make Christmas accessible for everyone

22nd Dec 2023

As Christmas is around the corner, here at Signature we thought we would share the ways in which you can be more deaf aware during this festive period. No one should be left out this Christmas, and efficient preparation can make all the difference. Here are six ways you can make the day the best …

BSL GCSE takes a step forward as the Department for Education shares consultation feedback

21st Dec 2023

Students are one step closer to the British Sign Language (BSL) GCSE being taught in schools, as the government today (Thursday 21st December) shares the consultation feedback following a 12-week public consultation on the content of the new qualification. The purpose of the consultation was to gain feedback on the proposed subject content requirements that …

Pink Noise- A colourful collaboration

11th Dec 2023

Pink Noise: Pink Noise is the outcome of a creative collaboration between jewellery designer, Bijoux de Mimi, and Holster designer Deafmetal. The collaboration has seen the creation of a set of colourful hearing aids that allows hearing aid users to feel empowered as they have the freedom to express themselves. The implementation of the holster …

Introducing the BSL Teacher Directory

07th Dec 2023

We are excited to introduce the BSL Teacher Directory, which has been developed between a number of organisations who all aim to promote British Sign Language teachers and qualifications. The purpose of the BSL teacher directory is to allow teachers to promote their skills, experience, and teaching qualifications. Whether you are a BSL teacher searching …

Sports special with Marios Costi

07th Dec 2023

Marios Costi Blog: Signature recently reached out to Marios Costi, who is a Deaf BT Sport presenter and Head Coach of the England Women’s Deaf Futsal team. Carry on reading to find out more about Marios and his experiences of deafness: Hi Marios, can you please tell us some more about yourself? My name is …

George Greenway: England Deaf cricket captain

04th Dec 2023

Signature recently reached out to Exmouth and England cricketer, George Greenway to learn more about his cricketing story. The blog shares the emotions and inspirations of the cricketer. We hope that the blog highlights that being Deaf should not get in the way of sport or pursuing a certain career. Thank you to George for …

Annelies Kusters- The first deaf professor at Heriot-Watt University:

02nd Dec 2023

Professor Kusters has become the first academic in her field of study in the UK to reach the title of full professor. Annelies, who is a professor at the Edinburgh university, Heriot-Watt is a professor in the field of Deaf Studies. Professor Kusters has a wealth of knowledge in this field, having studied deaf communities …