Year: 2015

Signature have been shortlisted for a Heart of the Community Award

17th Feb 2015

We are very pleased to announce that Signature have been shortlisted in this year’s North East Business Awards for the Durham & Wearside Heart of the Community Award.

Discover the 2015 Signature Annual Awards

12th Feb 2015

Now in their seventh year, we are expanding the reach and focus of the Signature Annual Awards. Every year we are astounded by the impact that the nominees have throughout their communities. 

Deaf Health Champions Conference

09th Feb 2015

In Summer 2015 all health and social care organisations will be required to adhere to the Accessible Information Standard, what does this mean for your organisation? The Standard is a new guidebook for health and social care organisations across England which is a set of rules which organisations must follow to ensure deaf people get appropriate communication support and information in the right format for them.

Lipspeaking survey

04th Feb 2015

In order to ensure that the qualifications and support that we offer to Lipspeakers are the best they can be, we have launched a new survey to look at the skills and requirements of people who use Lipspeakers or are a Lipspeaker themselves.  

Communication needs of people with a hearing loss increasingly diverse

02nd Feb 2015

The communication needs of people with a hearing loss in the UK are becoming more varied, according to recent research by The Ear Foundation and Signature.

Providers of communication support said the needs of people with a hearing loss are more diverse than in the past and forecast them to become more so.

Have you ever saved a person’s life?

27th Jan 2015

Has somebody ever saved your life?  Do you have a life saving story to share?

Sense are looking for volunteers

19th Jan 2015

Sense are a national charity that supports and campaigns for children and adults who are deafblind or have sensory impairments.  As part of their volunteering campaign, the Get Out There (GOT) Group are currently looking for energetic and enthusiastic volunteers to offer a few hours of their time each week to help deafblind young people.