2011 Census – Making it Accessible

2011 CensusThe next census embraces a range of accessible formats

The 2011 Census is approaching. With a 200 year record of tracking the patterns of our ever changing society, the census is something of a national treasure.

The next census takes place on 27 March 2011, although the questionnaire will appear through your letter-box anytime in March. Every ten years since 1801 the census has taken a snapshot of the population in England and Wales on one particular day (except for 1941 due to the Second World War). Knowing how many people live where means decisions about developments in communities are based on relevant, reliable statistics. Accurate census estimates means local authorities, not-for-profit organisations and charities are better equipped to plan and deliver services; which could potentially lead to more facilities appearing in your area.

The 2011 Census has consulted widely to make sure it’s doing everything it can to offer assistance where needed. It is vital that the guidance around the questionnaire is as accessible as it can be, so that as many people as possible can complete their census questionnaire independently. In 2011 accessible formats will include the following:

  • large print questionnaires
  • Braille guidance
  • audio CD and cassette tapes
  • Easy Read guidance
  • British Sign Language (BSL) video clips and a BSL DVD

Visit www.census.gov.uk/2011accessibility for new information about accessibility tools as and when these appear.

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